Central Admin Console

Total Security for Business Networks

NPAV Admin Console 5.0

Features :

  1. Centralised Installation from Server
  2. Manage security of all Servers, Desktops, Laptops
  3. Control and modify client settings
  4. Automatic & Centralized LAN Updates & Upgrades
  5. Reports and Graphical Charts

Centralized Administrator Control

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Centralized Installation
  Easily Install Net Protector Security on all client PCs across the network from the Console. Install silently on Servers, Desktops and Laptops without interrupting the user.
Security Dashboard
  View the Network security health status. Statistics of the Clients, Update and infection status across the network. Informative charts and graphs.
Easily Manage and Control Network Protection
  View Protected and Unprotected Client PCs in the network. View infected PCs and take appropriate actions.
Groups, Policies, Schedules
  Manage the client PCs in groups. Manage client settings and enforce security policies. Manage all automatic schedules.
Launch Scanning from Server
  Start the scanning on selected clients. View scan progress, Live Threats in Memory, Disk Virus Count. Scan Memory and Scan PC Commands. Silent scan without disturbing the user.
Process and Application Management
  Transfer and run applications and patches on remote PCs. View and Manage running processes. Launch special cleaners and security modules.
Automatic Centralized LAN Updates
  Perform LAN Updates from the console. View update status chart and graphs. Take action for Out-Of-Date client PCs. Update client PCs without Internet. Reduces your Internet traffic and bills.
Data Theft Protection
  Block access to all removable media. Protect your Business confidential data.
Network Reports
  Detailed reporting of the threats on client PCs. Top 5 Threats spreading in the Network.
Total Security Features
AntiVirus AntiSpam
AntiSpyware AntiPhishing
AntiMalware USB AutoScan
AntiRootkit Intrusion Detection
OS-Firewall Email Backup
Supported OS