Frequently Asked Questions

Solution for Slow PC
Seven Steps to Make your PC Fast.
  1. Windows Start > Run > Msconfig Click on "Startup" - Disable All. Tick "emailscn" or "zvmount" or "Net Protector" Related Items Click on OK. Restart PC Later

  2. Delete folder c:\zv Open > My Computer >> C: >> Select and Delete "ZV" Folder The folder will be re-created again but do not worry.

  3. Delete Temp Files Start > Net Protector > System Tuner > Delete Temp Files Click on Empty

  4. ZVFort - Make it OFF Net Protector > Protection Tab > ZV Fort Protection Make it OFF (Red Cross)

  5. Change the Daily Scan Schedule to Weekly Scan Right Click Red Tray Icon > Scheduler Click on Full Virus Scan - Click Edit Button Change Daily to Weekly Click on OK Scanning is not required daily because Net Protector Shield is Protecting your PC

  6. Net Protector > Settings > Startup Untick - Scan Memory on Startup Untick - Scan PC on Startup

  7. Scheduler - Malware Scanner - Schedule - make it off.

  8. RESTART PC After Doing Above Steps
NPAV Rescue Disk
Steps for preparing the NPAV Rescue Disk You need Windows 7 or Windows Vista Operating System to prepare the NPAV Rescue Disk

Follow the Steps :

  1. Download the file which are the Rescue Boot Files
    File Size = 125 MB
    Download Links,
    Link 1
    Link 2
    Link 3
    Link 4

  2. Run the ResQLic.exe which will create the license file for Rescue Disk Scanner.

  3. Download and Run the Rescue Disk Wizard :
    a. Unzip / Extract the on your desktop or any other folder
    b. In rescue disk wizard browse to the folder with the unzipped file
    c. Place an empty CD in the CD-Writer or DVD Writer
    d. The latest updates and scanner will be copied to the Rescue Disk

  4. Change the Boot Sequence in your BIOS / Setup to boot from CD / DVD Drive

  5. After booting from Rescue Disk, Click on Scan PC in the scanner
Hardware Lock Problem
Hardware Lock / Sentinel Lock on Parallel Port or USB Dongle Lock
Used With: Sign Cutting Software
Flexisign Software / Plotter
Sign Cutting Machine / Printer
Special Software with Hardware Lock

Spyware Scan - Options - Untick Malware Scan
Hardware Lock Files get renamed to .mal
\System32\Drivers\sentinel.sys.mal(RAINBOW COMPANY NAME)

It is already solved in update.
But Customers having no Internet Connection

Please Untick "Malware Scan" in Spyware Scan Options

This Problem also causes
16-BIT Sub System error for hlvdd.dll
use \ntvdd.reg from CD to solve

Hlvdd.dll = Hardware lock virtual Device Driver.dll
I see this message : Sub = Time1_Timer : 13 Type Mismatch, How to solve ?
This error is because of incorrect date / time Format. There are three solutions : One of them will solve the problem
  1. Go to scheduler and click Reset All and restart PC
  2. Go to scheduler and untick (uncheck) all schedules in the list.
  3. Adjust Date and Time Format
    Please click on
    Control panel >
    Date, Time, Language, and Regional Options >
    Regional and Language Options >
    Customize >
    Date Tab
    Short date format should be : dd/mm/yyyy
    Time Tab
    Time format h:mm:ss tt
    (Time sample: 3:31:15 PM)
While loading display driver (intel graphics display driver), I get an error "Severe Problem" / "Access Denied" and display driver is not loaded.
Please browse net protector CD and run wnunlock.exe.
After running this exe, only a black windows opens and closes immediately.
After this now install the display driver.
It will load correctly
You may also download this utility from : (copy paste to your browser)
I see files with .vir in my PC, what are these? If I do a thorough scan I keep seeing the same viruses again and again?
Certain worm files insert some unwanted files into your system, Net Protector quarantines these files and adds a .vir extension to this file e.g. worm.exe.vir. These files are safe to delete. The files will keep showing in thorough scan again and again until you delete them. In standard scan these files are not scanned.
I have a laptop, and my PC hangs on startup, how to solve ?
Please rename the file : My Computer > C: > Program Files > Net Protector 2007 > zvscan > zvonline.sys to _zvonline.sys
My PC is not getting updated automatically, what may be the reason ?
Check for following : - Please ensure that the short date format on your PC is dd/mm/yyyy and not mm/dd/yyyy. - Please go to scheduler and click Reset All to reset all schedules to correct default options - If your PC is on LAN then maybe you need to configure correct Proxy settings in Update Zero-V - check if you are able to browse the site
I want updates to happen automatically, how do I configure this ?
No special settings are need for automatic updates, If you browse the internet for more than 10 minutes at a stretch, then Net Protector automatically checks for updates and downloads the new updates.
If I am on a LAN what is the special care I should take while first time scanning of PCs ?
On LAN you need to unplug the LAN cable of all the PCs on the LAN, Or then switch OFF the Network HUB / Switch. before start scanning. Use minimum sharing. Do not share full drives, share only data folders. Keep password for sharing. Installing seperate license on each node is required for Virus free network.
What steps should an engineer do after installing and activating net protector anti-virus ?
Please double click on desktop icon "Net Protector 2015" to start Quick Launch menu. You will see Options 1 to 6 in this Quick Launch Menu. Please perform Steps 1 to 4 one after the other. 1. Scan for Viruses 2. Scan for Spyware 3. Update Virus defs 4. Update Spyware defs.
In scan options in Zero-V Scan I see many different Scan buttons like Scan Memory, Scan Windows Folder, Scan Drive or Folder. So do I need to perform all these different Scans ?
No only main green button "Scan PC for Viruses" is to be performed. This scans the full PC. Other options scan only small sections.
After above step, on loading of shield I see a message "Keep Blocking / Unblock... msvcasf " what to do ?
This screen comes on WinXP SP2 from Security Center Firewall, click on Unblock to allow anti-virus shield component to load.
I have formatted the PC, and the activation code given to me is not working now what to do?
The activation code will only work on the PC on which you first intalled and registered Net Protector AntiVirus. The same Activation Code works even after formatting your PC and reloading the operating system. After formatting, please first install all the lan card drivers and enable all LAN / Network devices. USB Network Device If you had a blue-tooth device or USB Internet Modem connected earlier, then connect it and switch it ON. And now try using the same activation code. If you still face a problem, then please call our activation department on 020-32923033 / 020-32923182 for assistance.
I am not able to see Share / Stock Prices on financial sites OR I cannot see videos on YOU Tube or Google Video?
To solve this problem, do the following : Net Protector 2008 Users :
Double click Net Protector 2008, go to "Internet Security" section, in that click on "Spyware Protection"
Now please click on "Enable all Protection" and then click on "Disable all Protection"
And restart the PC, and check.
* Note : You are still protected my Spyware attacks.
Certain sites may also require JAVA / JRE Java Run Time Environment to function correctly.
Please download from : and save to desktop and run. And restart PC
For further assistance please call : 0 9823977208 / 0 9823977433
For Laptops loaded with Windows Vista or XP Home Professional please do the following important settings in Net Protector AntiVirus 2007
1. Rename the following file
c:\program files\net protector 2007\zvscan\zvonline.sys to _zvonline.sys (the extension .sys may not be visible sometimes)
2. For all Laptops and PC for smooth startup and less pop-up please untick the following
Zero-V Virus Shield -> Startup ->
1. Run Worm Trapper on Windows Startup
2. Scan Memory on Windows Startup
I get the error "HHOpen.ocx file is missing or not correctly registered"
Please register this component by typing in the Run windows following command : regsvr32 C:\Program Files\Net Protector 2007\Hhopen.ocx and click OK if registeration still fails then search and copy the file 'MFC42.dll' and copy to Net Protector folder and then try to register again.
Problem in loading Net Protector AntiVirus : 13: Type mismatch
This error comes on starting Net Protector 2008 on clicking OK - the error goes and antivirus loads.
This is caused by incorrect Short Date Format settings in Regional and Language options
if Date Format has "-" Dashes e.g : dd-mm-yyyy
Solution : Correct the Short Date Format
Start > Settigns > Control Panel > Regional Languaage and Options > Customise > Date
in Short Date Format delete existing text and type there in lower case : dd/mm/yyyy
and restart PC
What are the steps for Installing Net Protector AntiVirus on Vista Operating System?
Net Protector AntiVirus is fully Vista Compatible.
Please ensure you have the latest update CD of Net Protector.
Put the CD in the CD-Rom drive, CD may not autorun on Vista. Right click and browse CD / Explore CD.
Locate the file : "installnp.exe" (This is the main setup / installation file)
Right click this file and click on "Run as Administrator" and click on Allow on the next permission screen from Vista, and complete the installation normally.
My Spyware update date shows it is 3 to 4 days behind from today, Do I need to worry?
Virus Updates and on a daily basis, whereas spyware updates are released less often, and there can be a gap of upto 15 days.
Spyware Updates are released once in 15 days or more often.
So you do not need to worry for spyware database update not showing todays date.
works on Desktop OS :  | Windows 7 |