Corporate Web Control
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For 5 PC(1 Server + 4 PC)

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Corporate Web Control

Suitable for Institutes and Organisations from small to large size.

Internet is the life-line of all human activities like work, education, business, entertainment etc. But it is important to control and secure the internet and block out the unwanted sites. Keep your Office / Home Secure with Web Secure.


Allow or Block Web-Sites
Allow and Block Web-Sites in Offices / Institutes / Organisations.
Policy Management and Control
Manage and apply different policies remotely from any location
Application Control
you can block or allow "Teamviewer", "Orbit Downloader", "DAP" or "IDM"
Category Control
Block sites using Category Control like, porn sites or Online Games etc
Improve Productivity
Keep employees focused on work related sites.Improve Productivity of your Staff
Block streaming Media
Block streaming Media like Videos, MP3 Songs and Downloads
Fast Internet
Keep your Office internet Link Speed fast and available for critical official usage
Block Torrent Downloads
Block Torrent Downloads in Corporate and Office networks.
Time Control
Administrator can switch the entire Internet Access ON or OFF as per the Day of Week and Time

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